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Aileen Ruddick celebrated her birthday on Saturday the 9th of May


Aileen Ruddick is celebrating that her niece has given birth to twins on Friday 17th April


Matthew & Aileen Ruddick are celebrating their 22nd wedding anniversary on Saturday the 18th of April.


Andrew & Kim Wells are celebrating their 19th wedding anniversary on Tuesday 14th of April.


Sandra would like to celebrate that her Mum & Dad have made it safely out of Spain and home to England. (They sent empty planes to go and get them.)


Happy Birthday to Ruth Pfister, Sunday 5th April.


Marion and David would like to celebrate the Friends and Helpers that helped them move into their new house the week before Lockdown. That helped clean up the windblown mess inside, brought us dinner, and set things up. They have been so blessed.

Mothers Day Message from David Palmer

Hope you all had a great Mother’s Day Sunday. Not having any kids Mother’s Day is a non-event for Marion and I; so we have Wifey Day instead. Marion loves flowers but I couldn’t get any so I spent a couple of rainy lockdown days making some out of bits and pieces. The water worn stones are collected from my landscape digging at the new house. Wishing you all a safe transition into Level 2; take care, stay safe and look after your bubble.



Stay safe well and happy.

Please enjoy watching the Easter Alive performance here

Thoughts & Pictures

David Palmer shares,

Easter, the Foundation of our hope for the future.
Thank You for Jesus who shows the Way who gave Himself to take on our sin, who gave Himself to pay the redemption price for that sin so that we may receive undeserved Grace and eternal Life with our Lord. Thank You for this opportunity to receive Salvation and Hope for the Future. May we learn how to give the reason for this Hope, may we be able to demonstrate it, share it, shine it out to all we meet as You Lord draw Your children to meet with You through us. Thank you Lord


Palm Sunday picture by Zoe Wells